Seven Hills Women's Health

Serving South Austin TX
and the surrounding area

4007 James Casey, Suite A 100
Austin, Texas, 78745
Tel: 512-442-2300
Fax: 512-442-2303
Genoveva Nicoleta Prisacaru M.D. FACOG

Board Certified - Obstetrics and Gynecology

First SCOPE certified office in Austin

Scope Certification
Dr. Prisacaru Photo

Why “Seven Hills?”

The Eternal City of Rome was built on seven hills to be strong and indestructible. Everything in the beginning was seven: seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven musical notes, and seven liberal arts.

Dr. Prisacaru saw the need for a small, state-of-the-art Ob/Gyn practice to offer personalized care. Her favorite part of the practice is getting to know patients and having the privilege of sharing special times in their lives.

From the moment you arrive here you will realize that we pursue a unique approach to patient care. This will be quite a different healthcare experience. The staff was carefully handpicked not only for their experience, knowledge or skills but also for their kind hearted and good spirited nature.

We utilize one of the most advanced electronic medical records system designed for women’s health. Athena is a secure, web-based system that allows our patients to complete office paperwork, send messages to the doctor, request a prescription refill, pay bills, and receive confidential test results through an online medical portal in the comfort of their home.

Your time is precious. The wait is surprisingly short and completely enjoyable. Our waiting room has an upscale décor designed with your comfort in mind including velvet chairs, flowers, dimmers, music, and movies. You can relax while being served beverages along with a variety of treats while you can take advantage of the wireless Internet access and many art gallery albums.

Our exam rooms provide individually wrapped fabric gowns, linen, and a warmed blanket if desired. While waiting to be seen by the doctor you can take advantage of our Patient Education System.

As you can imagine the schedule can get pretty full with this type of practice. We strive to never double book patients, and we will make special provisions to accommodate your schedule, including evening or even weekend hours if necessary, for established patients. Office visits are at minimum 30 minutes for established patients and 45 minutes for new patients. Patients leave our office with a print out of their laboratory results, diagnosis, and plan of care as well as articles of published medical literature on the best treatment available for their condition